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The latest addition to the Caffe Monza family just so happens to be right smackbang in the middle of the capital city of London and we aren’t lying when we tell you that we are a little bit excited to be in the capital. Caffe Monza Brunswick is nestled in the charming neighbourhood of Bloomsbury in Central London, a haven for cafe connoisseurs, bookworms and culture lovers alike. Bloomsbury is one of the spectacular city’s most fashionable districts with quaint bookshops, impressive architecture, educational opportunities and plenty of green space for residents, students and visitors to appreciate. In fact, it’s nothing short of a London attraction filled treasure trove. So the next time you visit us at Caffe Monza Brunswick, make sure you take the time to check out some of these Bloomsbury landmarks below!

The British Museum

British Museum near Caffe Monza London

One of the most famous landmarks in Bloomsbury is the world renowned British Museum. A museum which houses millions of artefacts from throughout human history, art and culture. The British Museum allows its visitors to take a journey through time from the beginning of humanity to present day, exploring all that human beings have discovered, invented and achieved throughout the course of our existence. What’s more, The British Museum hosts regular exhibitions of specialised displays from all over the world for visitors to experience. But it’s not just the artefacts that impress the thousands of visitors The British Museum attracts through its doors every day. The building itself is an iconic example of British architecture, having been built back in 1753. Meaning that this stunning building has over 266 years of history within its walls. And do you want to know the best part of all? The British Museum is free entry for everyone. Which means you have no excuse not to indulge in something delicious at Caffe Monza after your visit.

The Bloomsbury Festival

The Bloomsbury Festival in London, held near Caffe Monza

Every year the streets of Bloomsbury prepare for the return of the highly anticipated Bloomsbury Festival. The festival is a celebration of everything Bloomsbury represents from cultural diversity, community, art, science, literature and so much more. It’s a week long display of everything that the residents of Bloomsbury value, attracting thousands of visitors every October. The festival began back in 2006 and has been described as “a cultural explosion”, demonstrated across the hundreds of events that take place during the festival at various unique venues throughout the neighbourhood. If you’re in the Bloomsbury area in October then this is a great opportunity to get involved in all the fun of this fantastic festival and to get to know the neighbourhood a little bit better!

Russell Square & Bloomsbury Square

Russell Square in London, near Caffe Monza

If there’s one thing Bloomsbury isn’t short on, it’s green space. Despite the fact that Bloomsbury is at the epicentre of the hustle and bustle of Britain’s capital, this gorgeous neighbourhood provides a welcome relief from busy city life. There’s plenty of space to reconnect with nature. So why not get some headspace by taking a stroll through either Russell or Bloomsbury Square? These green havens are the perfect spot for residents and visitors alike to escape for a while and enjoy some calm. You can observe all the Bloomsbury locals enjoying their daily jog, afternoon stroll or just relaxing on a patch of grass as you chill in these well loved gardens. Why not pick up a new read in one of Bloomsbury’s famous second hand bookshops along with a small picnic from Caffe Monza and then park yourself in a little sun spot to unwind for a few hours?

The Foundling Museum

The Foundling Museum

Alternatively, why not discover the history of London’s Foundling Hospital and learn more about Britain’s first home for children at risk of abandonment. Often described as a hidden gem on the London museum scene, this fantastic museum allows visitors to gain an insight into everyday life at The Foundling Hospital back when it was first established in 1739. You can view documents, records, photographs, art and audible testimonies from the last generation of children to grow up in the hospital. There are deeply moving exhibitions which are hugely important to the history of this famous hospital, including tokens left by mothers for their children when they first arrived at the hospital. There is also the opportunity to learn about the Foundling Fellows, a group of contemporary artists who work within the hospital on various projects to improve the lives of children and young people in today’s society. A testament to the fact that the hospital has never stopped caring for the young & vulnerable, making it an incredible educational opportunity for anyone in the Bloomsbury area.

Skoob Bookshop

Skoob Bookshop in London, near Caffe Monza

As you may have gathered by now, Bloomsbury is a haven for book lovers. The neighbourhood is home to thousands of bookworms and this is reflected in the variety of used and second-hand bookshops that can be be found scattered throughout the streets in the neighbourhood. If you’re ever in Bloomsbury make sure you dedicate a couple of hours to explore these fantastic shops full of every book genre imaginable.

From classic to contemporary, newly published to centuries old, you are guaranteed to find a new read you’ll love. Especially if you pay a visit to Bloomsbury’s famous Skoob Bookshop! Skoob is known as “a temple for secondhand books”, providing the perfect place to browse the thousands of titles available. This quaint little bookshop is one of the best examples on the literary scene and sifting through all the different books up for grabs can provide hours of fun. They sell over 5,000 books every single month and are constantly replacing their stock with new gems so you’ll rarely see the same thing pop up twice in this fantastic bookshop. The best part of it all? Skoob Bookshop is only a short walk to Caffe Monza, where you relax with a coffee and get stuck into your new book.

Charles Dickens Museum

Charles Dickens Museum in London, near Caffe Monza

Bloomsbury has been home to its fair share of notable residents and historical figures – from Charles Darwin to Virginia Woolf to one of the greatest English novelists the world has ever known, Charles Dickens. So another must see in Bloomsbury is The Charles Dickens Museum, which can be found in the former home of the man himself at 48 Doughty Street. Visitors to the museum can learn everything they’ve ever wanted to know about the author behind Oliver Twist, A Tale of Two Cities, Great Expectations & A Christmas Carol. Dickens is the mind behind so many of the world’s most famous novels, all of which are still studied and celebrated today. You can explore the history of the Georgian building which served as the Dickens family home and take an interesting wander through the preserved rooms. You can also take a look at the many artefacts the museum houses including numerous first editions and original manuscripts of Dickens’ work and personal items owned by the Dickens family themselves. The Charles Dickens Museum is ideal for any lover of his iconic work or anyone who wants to experience a glimpse into what life was like back in 19th century London.

St. George’s Church

St. George’s Church London, near Caffe Monza

Situated right in the centre of London, Bloomsbury residents are truly spoiled when it comes to architectural beauty. Everywhere you turn there’s another gorgeous building to drool over, including the stunning St. George’s Church. St. George’s was built in 1721 and remains one of London’s most beautiful buildings. Visitors can appreciate the exterior and interior beauty of this beautiful church including it’s stunning stained glass windows, traditional altar, gold embellished pillars and if you’re lucky you’ll catch a recital on the organ! It’s the perfect place to enjoy some peace and quiet and escape the chaos of London’s busy streets for a while. Then once you’ve enjoyed the tranquility of St. George’s, what better place to have a spot of lunch & to refuel for the rest of the day than Caffe Monza Brunswick?

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